Alliance provides the government and commercial marketplace with thousands of IT products and business supplies to support the computing, printing, mobility, and data center needs of today’s digital office and mobile workforce.

Among the hundreds of innovative hardware and software manufacturers, Alliance represents APC, HP, Intel, Cisco, Netgear, Lexmark and Xerox, to name a few.  Alliance is an authorized service provider for dozens of other leading brands.

  • Through a dedicated team of highly-qualified technology experts, Alliance also offers customers:
  • technology need assessments
  • tailored IT solutions
  • IT lifecycle plans
  • hardware installation and maintenance plans

Alliance operates on the GSA Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70, Construction Schedule 56, and the FSSI OS3 contract for ink and toner.

Since 1998, the Company has been a successful, Small Business with headquarters in Chantilly, VA.


221330    238210    238220    238290
333293    333315    334419     423420
423430    424120    453210    334111
532420    335999   541511      541512
541611       811212      811219     335311


Schedule 70                   Schedule 56              FSSI
GS-35F-0303R               GS-07F-0066             GS02Q-14-D-CR0023