The Alliance Mission is to provide highly effective combinations of services, solutions and products followed by unparalleled accountability and customer care.  Our company supports the missions of Government and Corporations by providing proven I.T. solutions.  We represent hundreds of innovative manufacturers of I.T. products - from software to hardware to supplies - and have earned certifications as an authorized service provider for many leading brands. 

Information technology does not last forever. Steady innovation and technical research is what makes the industry so dynamic.  Most hardware and software typically has a lifecycle, a measurable beginning and end to its productivity and its value. As an I.T. manager, you are tasked with optimizing this lifecycle, but also maintaining trusted vendor relationships for state of the art information and training.  To foster growth, you have to:

  • Assess current capabilities and future needs
  • Anticipate new requirements
  • Maintain valued vendor relationships
  • Design and implement new solutions
  • Quickly drive new systems into production
  • Maintain integrity and security of I.T. environment

And at the end of the lifecycle, when systems are obsolete or new requirements change the demands of your organization , Alliance would like to assist in the next transition.